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 A tale of two cities term 2 prep 3

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PostA tale of two cities term 2 prep 3

A tale of two cities                      term 2   prep 3
Ch. 10
1-Who attended the wedding of Charles and Lucie?
Dr. Manette, Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross in the small church
2- What did Mr. lorry remember during the wedding?
He remembered the deadly fear that covered his face after a meeting with Charles.
3- What did Dr. Manette do after the wedding?
He was hammering in his room, and did not remember anything for nine days.
4- Why did Mr. Lorry take time off for the first time in his life from Tellson's bank?
To help Miss Pross care for the doctor to talk to him and to try to bring his mind back.
5-How could Mr. Lorry bring Dr. Manette's mind back?
He told him a similar story of his condition to reflect on himself the suitable way to recover and not to get in bad state again.
6- What was Dr. Manette's explanation about the strange behavior?
He said that this relapse due to remembering events happened before his first suffering in the prison.
7- Why did Mr. Lorry destroy the shoemaker's tools?
After the relapse of a shock happened to Dr. Manette, Mr. Lorry wanted to help Dr. Manette not to suffer again so he destroyed the tools when he was outdoors.
8- How was the relation between Sidney Carton and the newly married Lucie and Charles?
 After the honeymoon, Sidney visited them and apologized for his behaviour with Charles. He asked them to be the family's friend. He liked the little child and became her favourite uncle.
9- What news did Mr. Lorry bring on July 1789?
The French revolution had broken out.
1-"all is lost. He doesn't know who I am, and he's gone back to making shoes!"  comment
Miss Pross to Mr. Lorry
2- "Would you kindly give me some medical advice about the case of a good friend of mine who has been acting strangly?"
Mr. Lorry to Dr. Manette
3- "Did your friend have some kind of mental shock?"
Dr. Manette to Mr. Lorry
4- "The shock was due to long years of great suffering. My friend later recovered, but has now experienced a relapse of the shock."
Mr. Lorry to Dr. Manette
These words were said while Mr. Lorry was trying to cure Dr. Manette. He talked about an imaginary friend but in fact about Dr. Manette's state.
5-"he may therefore want to keep his blacksmith's tools nearby…."
Mr. Lorry to Dr. Manette
He means the imaginary friend has tools and reminded him of his painful period.
 6-"The froge and tools, however, are like old friends.."
 Dr. Manette to Mr. Lorry when they were talking about getting rid of the tools.
7- "His heart is bleeding, and we must be kind to him. He is capable of gentle things, good things, even great things!"
Lucie to her husband Charles after Sidney apologized to Charles. Lucie agreed to let Sidney be the family friend.
Chapter 11
1- How were the people of Saint Antoine when the revolution broke out?
 They were armed, carried loaded muskets, iron and wooden bars, knives, axes because of their poverty, hunger and anger at the king and the noblemen.
2- Describe Defarge and Madame Defarge when the revolution broke out.
Defarge shop was the centre of rage. Defarge was covered with gunpowder and sweatgiving weapons. Madame Defarge held an axe and a pistol.
3- What did the Jaques (mob) attack?
They  attacked the prison Bastille, marching toward it against cannon fire until the towers of prison surrendered. They freed the prisoners.
4- Why did Defarge ask the guard to go 105 North Tower?
It was the cell of Dr. Manette and Defarge saw a stool, a table and a straw bed. He broke everything in the cell. He found a packet of papers.
5- What did the mob do in the streets?
They grabbed soldiers and guards, beat and killed them. The place was full of blood where before the cask of wine was spilled. They attacked and burned prisons and palaces.
1-" I will lead the women…we can kill as well as men can!"
Madame Defarge said that to Defarge during the revolution.
2-"Patriots and friends, on to the Bastille!"
Defarge to the revolutionaries to go towards the prison and free the prisoners.
3- Stop! Look here,Jacques! The letters A. M.! Alexandre Manette! And the words 'a poor physician'".
Defarge to Jacques when he was searching the cell of Dr Manette trying to find papers and evidences in his cell.
Chapter 12
1- Why did most noblemen gather at Tellson's bank in London?
Before the revolution, they sent their money and jewels to the bank for safekeeping.
2- How was France after three years from the revolution?
The revolution raged. France had no longer a king and a queen.
3- Why was there fear at Tellson's office in Paris?
Because the mob would break in and destroy important papers.
4- What secret did Charles tell to Dr. Manette only?
That his real name was Marquis St. Everemonde of France, which means that he, was a nobleman.
5- Why could not Mr. Lorry know the Marquis St. Everemonde?
Because onlyCharles told Dr. Manette about his real name.
6- From whom was the letter?
From Gabelle, the keeper of the posting house in the land of St. Everemonde family.
7- What was in the letter from Gabelle?
Gabelle was in trail in France and charged of treason because he worked for the Marquis. He wanted Charles to save him from the revolutionaries.
8- Why did Charles decide to go to Paris?
Not only to save his loyal servant, but to restore his good name as well.
9- Charles trip to Paris was full of gangers.  Illustrate
In every village he passed, Charles met citizen- patriots with guns raised, demanding identification. When he reached Paris, he was arrested and the officer told him that he was sentenced to prison La Force.
1- "The trip is long and difficult, especially in winter. Paris is in great disorder, and you might be in danger"
Charles to Mr. Lorry when Tellson's office in Paris was in danger of being destroyed by the mobs. So that one should go to get out the records of France.
2-" for weeks I have been asking every Frenchman I know, but no one can tell me where this Marquis St. Everemondecan be found."
Mr. Lorry to Charles. Mr. Lorry did not know who was Marquis St. Everemonde, and Charles hid his real identity from Mr. Lorry.
3-"Everemonde, you have been sentenced to the prison of La Force!"  
The officer said that to Charles when he went to France to save his servant Gabelle.
4-"I will do nothing for you, Evremonde! You are my enemy"
Defarge to Charles when the officer arrested him when he went to Paris to save his servant. Charles wanted Defarge to tell Mr. Lorry that he was arrested in La Force, but Defarge refused.
 Chapter 13
Why did Dr. Manette and Lucie travel to Paris?
They traveled to help Charles who came to Paris to save his servant and they met Mr. Lorry.
2- Why did Madame Defarge go with Mr. Lorry?
  To recognize Lucie and Miss Pross. She looked to the and the child in cold glare so lucie felt terror.
3- Why did Dr. Manette appear in a court?
To talk about his suffering and to help free Charles from prison. As this court sentenced most prisoners to death, the court decided to spare the prisoners' life but had to remain in jail for safety.
4- What was the guillotine?
It was a terrible instrument of death created by the revolution. Its victims were wheeled to the platform to be executed.
1-"I do not believe anyone in this city would harm me. In fact they would welcome me after all of my suffering in the Bastille."
Dr. Manette Mr. Lorry when he offered to use his power to help Charles to get out from the prison.
2-"They are going to murder the prisoners at La Force"
Mr. Lorry to Dr. Manette when they were talking in how to help Charles from prison. They saw some mobs torturing prisoners.
3-" Charles is safe, but I cannot leave this place yet. The bearer of this message also has a note from Charles to his wife"
Dr. Manette on a note to Mr. Lorry. The bearer of message was Defarge. Dr.Manette was trying to save Charles from La Force.
 Chapter 14
1- How was Charles freed from the trail?
Dr Manette and Gabelle testified for Charles and convinced the jury of his innocence.
2- Why did rough crowd men arrest Charles after the trail?
Because he was denounced by citizen and citizeness Defarge and a third one.
3- Who did Miss Pross see in the wine shop?
Her brother Solomon who she did not see years ago. He lived in Paris under the name John Barsad. He worked in the prison.
4- Why was Sidney Carton following Solomon?
Sidney discovered the real identification of Solomon who he met before as John Barsad.
Solomon was working as a prison official guard in La force. In fact he was a spy and Sidney wanted to make use of him to save Charles.
5-  why could not Dr. Manette save Charles at the second arrest?
Because the accusation this time was from Defarge, madame Defarge and Dr. Mnette himself while he was in prison.
6- Who did Sidney see with John Barsad?
Sidney saw Roger Cly sitting with him. He was a witness at the old Bailey trail.
7-Why didn't Barsad think that Sidney recognize Roger Cly?
 Because he said that Roger Cly was dead for several years and had a copy of his death certificate.
8- How did Sidney threaten Barsad?
He threatened him to accuse him in Saint Antoine of being a spy to England then to France before revolution and now to the revolution. Then of having links with another spy, Roger Cly, working for the English government.
1-"We seek the Citizen Evremonde, called Darnay! He is again a prisoner of the Republic!"
One of the revolutionaries to Dr. Manette when they came to arrest Charles again after he was freed.
2-"I have the unpleasant task of telling you that your brother has become a prison spy!"
Sidney to Miss Pross after she saw her brother Solomon but denied his identity. He was in France under the name John Barsad.
3-"so you laid Cly in his coffin"
Jerry Cruncher shouted to John Barsad after he said that Roger Cly was dead and buried him. Jerry dug that grave and found stones in the coffin not a body.
4-"Do you have the keys to the prison cells in your guardhouse?"
Sidney to John Barsad when he threatened to accuse him of being a spy unless he helped him to do some work for Charles.


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A tale of two cities term 2 prep 3

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